Information for Support Workers

What do we offer ?

Clear Links provides a flexible and individually tailored Support Worker Service for disabled and dyslexic people in education. Our role may involve:

  1. The recruitment of Support Workers,
  2. Matching Support Workers with Clients,
  3. Administering payroll and invoicing

Clear Links aims to listen, understand and respond to the individual requirements of our service users, customers and contacts.

What is a Support Worker ?

'Support Worker' is a role to describe someone who provides support to a disabled or dyslexic Client to facilitate equal access to education or work. Such a Support Worker is also often referred to as a 'non-medical helper'. Some Clients require a Support Worker for a few hours a week, whilst others may require more.

Support work is very varied. There are a number of worker roles which can be undertaken by a Support Worker some of which require specialist qualifications.

We can offer Support Workers:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Regular payment (with statutory deductions for tax, NI etc)
  • Guidance and training

If you are considering becoming a Support Worker with Clear Links, or are working with us, please read the following documents as these will give you important information about your responsibilities as a Support Worker and also those of Clear Links:

Service Level Agreement This outlines the aims and commitments of Clear Links and service user responsibilities.

Terms of Engagement for Support Workers The Terms of Engagement for Support Workers constitute a contract for services between Clear Links and the Support Worker and they govern all Services undertaken by the Support Worker.  By registering on Clear Links’ website, accepting the Assignment Confirmation or commencing the provision of the Services (whichever is the earliest) the Support Worker is deemed to have accepted these Terms in their entirety. 

Data Protection In accordance with UK Data Protection legislation, Clear Links will hold, process and use your data exclusively to provide you with the service for which you registered: for the purpose of finding assignments with us. Clear Links assure you that the data will not be made public or made available to other people, companies or institutions in any way. Completing our registration form signifies your consent to us collecting personal information. It also confirms your agreement that Clear Links Support Ltd may pass on relevant information to those involved in the organisation of support work.

Equal Opportunities This statement outlines Clear Links’ commitment to equality.

Once you are working with us please take the time to read the Online Resource for Support Workers which includes information on the role of the Support Worker, guidelines for working as a Support Worker, working practices, disability awareness and procedures plus any guidelines for the specific role you are undertaking. These guidelines have evolved from the experience of people working in the field and contain practical advice for effective ways of delivering support work. We welcome any input and feedback from our Support Workers which may help in developing these guidelines.

If at any time you feel a need to talk about any work-related issues, please do not hesitate to contact Clear Links as we are your first point of reference.

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