Crystal Logo


Crystal is the online system from Clear Links Support. For the benefit of our partner institutions, Clients and Support Workers and the partner institutions have access to live information 24/7. 

Amongst the features are: 

A quick and easy Referral Form 
Information regarding Client status 
Live display of funding and spends 
View of all Sessional Support Records 
Management data 

Accessible information 
A diary of timetabled support 
Guidance on each role 
The facility to verify that support has taken place 

Support Workers: 
Pay claims submission online
Sessional Support Records submitted online 
Clear information about roles 
Online training 
Video information and training 

What make Crystal unique? 

Crystal is unique in the Sector. It is the first online package which offers all the above features in a live, accessible system, 24 hours a day. Use of the system is limited to the HEIs which use our Support Worker partnership service. It has been developed by Clear Links in house and because of that we can continue to improve, adapt and innovate.

For more information, a demonstration, or to find out how Clear Links can work in partnership with you, please contact the office: 

0114 278 6866 or