Clear Links Quality Assurance Statement

Clear Links understands quality to be “operating effectively and efficiently in order to provide the best service possible to all our stakeholders”.

Our stakeholders are Clients, Support Workers, partner universities, disability practitioners and funding bodies. We operate and communicate openly and transparently.

We are committed to providing a quality service and are continually striving for improvement. Our practice is guided by Legal Frameworks and related Practice Standards, the Student Support Regulations and the Client’s Assessment of Need.

Our Support Workers are co-ordinated and monitored by Clear Links staff, trained and highly knowledgeable in the fields of disability support in higher education.

We ensure the provision of a high-quality Support Worker service by:

  • maintaining regular contact with Clients, addressing any queries or concerns they may have and referring these to our partner universities where necessary
  • acting as a resource for our Support Workers, answering queries and giving advice wherever necessary
  • maintaining regular contact with university student support services, reporting uptake of support, reporting on student activity and passing on issues raised by Support Workers

In recruitment and selection our practice is to:

  • scrutinise the applicant’s skills and experience via CVs and interviews, to ensure they are appropriately experienced and qualified for their support role
  • obtain two satisfactory written references
  • obtain paper evidence of any relevant qualifications
  • obtain evidence of the applicant’s entitlement to work in the UK

At assignment of support work our practice is to:

  • give a copy of our Working Practices, general disability awareness instruction and role-specific guidance to the Worker
  • provide the Client with guidance about using a Support Worker
  • formally confirm each assignment to the Support Worker and the Client, including times, locations, hours and role boundaries
  • provide the worker with Public Liability Insurance, Employer’s Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance

To monitor support our practice is to:

  • make formal follow up contact (weekly, monthly and then each term to a specified schedule) to ask the Client for feedback and their level of satisfaction with the support provided
  • maintain regular informal contact with our Clients and Support Workers, to ensure that any issues and queries are dealt with as early as possible
  • ensure that all Support Workers in specialist roles complete and submit to us in a timely manner, an online record for each session with the Client, detailing session content, issues raised and aims for the next session.
  • ensure that specialist support tutors complete an IDP (Individual Development Plan) and IDR (Individual Development Review) for each student
  • send out feedback questionnaires to all Clients and Support Workers at the end of each academic year