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Steps to applying and registering

Below are the six steps outlining the application and registration process. Please read these steps and then click on the “Apply Now” box to be taken to the application form.

Please note: To apply you must be aged 18 or over.

All work offered through Clear Links is temporary and flexible in nature. Hours are subject to support requirements and cannot be guaranteed.

1. Online Application Submission

When your application has been submitted you will receive an automated email explaining what will happen next.

2. Application Review

Once we have reviewed your application we will notify you by email of the outcome. Usually this happens within 7 days of your application, although at busy times it may take longer.

3. References request and Applicant Assessment

If we feel that work may be available for you we will take up your references and ask you to complete a short online assessment.

Once we have received satisfactory references from your referees and you have passed the online assessment you will be contacted to arrange registration.

4. Registration – Document Check

You will be contacted to arrange a registration appointment when this is required. The purpose of the registration appointment is to check that you are entitled to work in the UK and to check that you have the relevant qualifications for the roles we feel are suitable for you.

5. Training

You will be contacted if you have selected a role that requires additional training provided by Clear Links. You must meet the required standard in order to be offered work in these roles.

6. Assignments

After the successful completion of registration and any additional training, your details will be stored on our database. Your skills, qualifications and experience are used to match you with students requiring support.

Once you are matched to work with a student Clear Links is your first point of contact for all queries. We provide all support workers with general working practices, role descriptions and role guidance. At this point you will be asked to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

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