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Student Satisfaction in 2015/16

In-house NMH support services


DSA funding changes have affected Higher Education Providers ( HEPs) in many different ways. Some see this as a time to choose to outsource, others will choose to provide support in-house.

Clear Links offers the leading specialist NMH support service in the UK. Details about how we have achieved our virtually perfect user satisfaction (Students and HEP) can be found HERE.

For those managing in-house NMH support services, this can be optimised with the right tools and the right support. This is where Clear Links can work collaboratively with you to achieve best quality of service for the students and best value for your institution.

Each institution has different ambitions and challenges; however, all can benefit from the solutions that Clear Links has refined throughout the years, and its dedicated involvement in NMH support provision.

  • Stretched resources?
  • Increased pressure on staff?
  • Do you wish to reduce the administrative work load?
  • Do you need a solution that would allow you to automate, optimise and monitor the provision of NMH support (with the added benefit of keeping an audit trail to comply with QAF)?
  • What would freeing up time be worth to you? Your department? Your institution?


You can continue to fulfil/ meet disabled students needs within stretched budgets, without compromising on quality.

Clear Links has a proven track record of unrivalled efficiency thanks to centralised management, economies of scale and specialist systems and team.

Our solutions are tailored to suit any specific requirement and are, in most cases, more cost effective than creating or adapting an in-house service.

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