Building strategies and solutions with Clear Links

To be successful in education, a student needs the skills to allow them to study independently. With this in mind, Clear Links has built a new ‘always-on’ system called MyStrategies.

Who is MyStrategies for?

All students receiving Mentor and Tutor support from Clear Links can use MyStrategies. This feature is particularly useful for students with autism, a mental health condition or a specific learning difference (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, dyscalculia and dysgraphia).

Students will find this feature is useful for organisational skills, thanks to having all their resources at hand in one place. It is a great way to remind them of the strategies and solutions discussed with their support worker. Having easy access to their support strategies whenever they need it will improve students’ confidence and self-reliance.

How does MyStrategies work?

Meeting with a Clear Links Tutor or Mentor allows students to develop their abilities to become a more effective and independent learner. At the first meeting, the student and support worker discuss the areas of development needed. They then produce a plan of how to address these growth areas.

In every session, the support worker and student create a library of strategies and solutions which the student can access at any time by logging in to their secure area on the Clear Links portal.

There is no need for additional apps or software, MyStrategies is fully integrated to Clear Links’ NMH support.

The structure and content of MyStrategies is tailored to each student with the assistance of qualified and experienced mentors and tutors. It can include solutions to consult at time of crisis (such as contact details of an appropriate person, e.g. a member of staff, a friend or a specialist helpline).

Students can use this feature with the confidence that it is backed by Clear Links’ quality of service and support workers they are familiar with.

What do the strategies and solutions look like?
My Strategies

The student can use their phone or computer to view the strategies and solutions. They are built and refined over the student’s time at university.

Students receiving support from Clear Links use the same portal to manage their support, see their support worker’s details and photo, check their timetable and confirm timesheets. It is a familiar space, naturally suited to feature this on-demand support function.

The design of MyStrategies' interface is accessible, clear and simple to use for students.


The student experiences anxiety in loud environments

If the student knows they will be presented with this situation they can easily and quickly look at the solutions their Clear Links support worker has suggested. They can do this from their phone if they are unexpectedly in a stressful environment.

The support worker will have suggested several solutions which have been discussed with the student.

Titles of the solutions may include:

  • Remove yourself from the situation
  • Focus on your goal
  • Breathe and slow down
  • Ask a friend, member of staff or someone you trust for assistance (including a telephone number for quick reference in case of crisis)
  • Set proactive reminders, using calendar, to provide solutions when planned stressful situations are about to occur.

The student clicks the title to access the full explanation. By having these solutions to hand the student can navigate through their academic life with much greater independence and confidence.

The student finds it difficult to begin assignments

In this example the student may know the subject very well and be able to explain it extremely competently, but may experience a problem when trying to start an assignment. With the help from a Clear Links Study Skills Tutor, the student will identify the best suited solutions.

By using MyStrategies, they can find these solutions which they and the support worker have developed during their sessions.

Titles of the strategies may include:

  • Writing a plan
  • Organising thoughts into a spider diagram
  • Using assistive technology
  • Examining what the question is asking

The student can click the titles to find the full strategy and be supported in starting their assignment.

The support provided by Clear Links has a direct impact on my academic performance and development, in addition to my overall well being and mental health. Student Feedback


There is no charge for using MyStrategies. It comes as standard with Clear Links Tutor and Mentor service. It does not require a yearly/monthly subscription or training.

By recommending Clear Links for Non-Medical Help support, Needs Assessors can make this feature available to students, without additional cost, software/app or training. MyStrategies makes NMH support during and between sessions truly and simply integrated.