Building strategies and solutions with Clear Links

To be successful in education, a student needs the skills to allow them to work independently. For this reason Clear Links has built a new ‘always-on’ system called MyStrategies.

How does MyStrategies work?

Meeting with a Clear Links Tutor or Mentor allows students to develop their abilities to become a more effective learner. At the first meeting the student and support worker discuss the areas of development needed. They then build a plan of how to address these growth areas.

In every session the support worker and student create a library of strategies and solutions which the student can access at any time through the Clear Links portal.

What do the strategies and solutions look like?

The student can use their phone or computer to log in and view the strategies and solutions. They are constructed and refined over the student’s time at university.


The student experiences anxiety in loud environments

If the student knows they will be presented with this situation they can log in to the portal and look at the solutions their Clear Links support worker has suggested. They can even log in using their phone if they are unexpectedly in a stressful environment.

The support worker will have suggested several solutions which have been discussed with the student.

Titles of the solutions may include:

  • Remove yourself from the situation
  • Focus on your goal
  • Breathe and slow down
  • Ask a friend, member of staff or someone you trust for assistance

The student clicks the title to access the full explanation. By having these solutions to hand the student can navigate through their academic life with much greater freedom and confidence.

The student finds it difficult to begin assignments

In this example the student may know the subject very well and be able to explain it extremely competently, but may experience a problem when trying to start an assignment.

By logging in to the portal they can find the strategies which they and the support worker have developed.

Titles of the strategies may include:

  • Writing a plan
  • Organising thoughts into a spider diagram
  • Use assistive technology to help
  • Examine what the question is asking

The student can click the titles to find the full strategy and be supported in starting their assignment.


There is no charge for using MyStrategies. It is bundled as part of the support. It does not require training or a yearly/monthly subscription.