Expected Standards



Clear Links requires all support workers to be registered with us before they undertake a Support Assignment. Support workers will be fully registered when Clear Links has:

  • Received an application for support work
  • Received two satisfactory references
  • Received evidence of the registrant’s eligibility to work in the UK and copies of qualifications, training and experience required
  • Received a photograph of the registrant for ID Card purposes


Role Specific Training

All Clear Links support workers are expected to complete the relevant training and guidance relating to working as a support worker and to specific support role/s.

Support work will only be offered once training and guidance has been successfully completed.

Operational Practice

When a support worker is assigned work through Clear Links, they are provided with all the necessary guidance required to undertake the Assignment.

Support workers are required to work to a high standard in all aspects of the work assigned to them by Clear Links, including the following criteria:

  • Attendance
  • Attitude and behaviour towards Clear Links and others
  • Completion of Timesheets and Online Forms
  • Punctuality
  • Undertaking of Role(s)
  • Conduct


Information provided to the support workers includes the following documents:

  • Working Practices
  • Role Guidance
  • Timesheet Guidance
  • Health and Safety Guidance
  • Guidance for Development Plans
  • Development Reviews and Session Records
  • Terms of Engagement


Clear Links uses the above criteria to monitor all support workers to ensure they are working to the required high standards.

If a support worker does not meet the required standard in any of the above criteria, they will normally be provided with further guidance. This is provided to the support worker in a phone call (unless otherwise stated in the support worker’s communication preferences).

If the required standards continue not to be met by a support worker, the support worker is normally provided with guidance for a third time. The support worker will ordinarily be contacted by email with the guidance attached (if there are any queries about the guidance provided a support worker should contact Clear Links by phone or e-mail).

If the required standards are still not met, the support worker will at that point generally be informed that they will be removed from their current Assignment(s) and that they will not be considered for any future Assignments.

It is the policy of Clear Links that support workers will generally be removed from Assignments and archived (at the absolute discretion of Clear Links) if they continue to work below the required standard after receiving guidance on the following criteria for the third time (as discussed above):

  • Attendance – Not attending a booked session without calling their Support Supervisor in advance to say that they cannot attend.
  • Attitude and behaviour towards others – Having an inappropriate attitude and/or behaving inappropriately whilst on or between Assignments. This includes Clear Links staff, Disability Support Services and any other Higher Education Provider staff, students and other support workers.
  • Completing Timesheets and Online Forms – Non-completion of Timesheets and Online Forms to satisfactory standard within the required time frames.
  • Punctuality – Not arriving at a booked session on time (dependent on reasons for lateness).
  • Undertaking of Role(s) – Working outside the boundaries of the role(s) (including additional support or additional hours), or failing to undertake part of role(s).
  • Conduct – Failing to conduct themselves appropriately whilst on or between Assignments.

However, support workers are removed from Assignments and archived at the first instance of conduct which is deemed as Gross Misconduct. Actions regarded as Gross misconduct include (but are not limited to) negligence resulting in serious loss, damage or injury; assault or attempted assault; theft; malicious damage to property; wilful disregard of duties or of instructions relating to a Clear Links assignment; deliberate and serious breach of confidence relating to the Company or its partner organisations’, student’s or customer’s affairs; the use for personal ends of confidential information obtained by a support worker in the course of their assignment; falsification of records; conduct violating common decency including racial, sexual or other forms of unlawful discrimination or harassment of colleagues or others; conviction on a relevant criminal charge.

Please note that these standards should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Engagement for support workers and if there is any conflict between the two documents, then the Terms of Engagement will prevail.