NMH Management Software

Solutions for in-house disability support services

More than just matching software, Connect is a complete solution to manage NMH student support.

For established in-house support teams, Connect can transform your service delivery. It frees staff from time consuming administrative tasks to focus on core service delivery.

Connect delivers value for money to institutions managing NMH support services in-house by providing the right tools for staff, support workers and students.

Connect is developed and maintained by Clear Links’ in-house development team.

A quick overview of our software solution, specifically tailored for NMH student support, is provided below:

What is Connect?

Connect is the software that Clear Links has designed and built to be the best NMH software solution for in-house NMH services.

Connect provides assistance with the administrative functions of running a service; saving time, costs and increasing efficiency.

What are Connect’s features?
  • Intelligent matching identifies suitable support workers for each student, for both timetabled sessions and flexible 1:1 support.
  • Online timesheets allow support workers to claim their sessions and students to confirm the bookings.
  • Live management data available to HEP staff 24/7 with the ability to monitor each student’s projected and live spend.
  • Audit-ready functionality.
  • Exporting of payroll and invoicing data.
  • Connect is approved by Student Finance England (SFE) for online verification of timesheets.

What are the benefits of Connect?
  • Easy matching and management of support – freeing your staff to spend time on other work.
  • Complies with the DSA-QAG Quality Assurance Framework requirements.
  • Students can see their support diary online so know exactly what is happening with their support at all times.
  • It takes on average less than 40 seconds for a student to log in and confirm their support online.
  • Support workers submit timesheets online.
  • The software works within funding parameters set by you – resulting in no overspends or support outside assigned hours.
  • Reasons for cancelled support are recorded.
  • Entirely web-based so that you can be sure you are using the most up to date version.

How much does Connect cost?

The cost of the service to you will depend on the range of administrative functions you choose.

We offer you a cost-effective choice and exceptional service.

Contact us for a quotation.

More questions?

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact:

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