NMH Management Software

Complete, specialist NMH management solution for just £500 per year.

Disabled student support requires specialist skills and expertise. Connect is a bespoke software package for Non-Medical Help in Higher Education. It is developed by experts for experts to make the most of staff and budget resources.

For established in-house disability support teams, Connect can transform service delivery. Freeing staff from time consuming administrative tasks to focus on supporting students.

Comprehensive features backed by our experience of supporting students at more than 300 HEPs:
  • Matching facility,
  • Plans, reviews, and session records,
  • Students and support workers document storage,
  • Missed sessions, spend, and outstanding tasks alerts,
  • Pre-set emails and reminders to students and support workers,
  • SFE approved electronic timesheets,
  • Integrated student feedback,
  • and much more!

Saving staff time. Saving universities money.

“Connect has allowed us to better monitor allocations, has given us much clearer oversight and control of payroll and invoicing, and the money saved by using Connect has been used to further support students. The support team at Connect are always efficient and helpful and it is a pleasure to work with them.”
User feedback
Connect Dashboard
Seamless NMH support processes

Your dashboard contains KPIs, shortcuts to all critical NMH functions and real-time student feedback. Our integrated feedback facility is unique to Connect and an effective way of monitoring and maintaining student satisfaction.

Control spend and budgets, monitor and report on support, and get tasks completed, in just a few clicks.

We have designed Connect to save time, automate tasks (reducing the need to chase students and support workers), and increase efficiency of NMH support provision.

“The system has generally improved the way we offer NMH support to our students, and has been received positively by our users.”
User feedback
Switch to Connect in ½ a day

Connect is accessed from your browser, so there is no requirement for new software installation.

Because Connect is designed around NMH processes, user training is intuitive and quick. There is no need for student or support worker training. Connect is user friendly.

Our specialist team will assist you with setting up the rules and templates, and you can be up and running in just a few hours.

Connect support page
“The Connect team have always been super helpful. It has improved our processes and is very user-friendly.”
User feedback
Connect support page
Fast support from our developers

Connect is developed and maintained by our team of developers based in Sheffield.

Any question or support enquiry is dealt with fast and updates are released quickly whenever there are changes to the DSA QAF or feature developments.

The team behind connect has provided support to students at more than 300 HEPs since 2006.

This experience and expertise translates into an outstanding customer service and the sharing of good practice and learning with every Connect client.

“Switching to the Connect system has been invaluable for the NMH support teams at Swansea University. From a worker and student point of view the system allows for the quick and easy creation and approval of electronic timesheets, reducing the need for paperwork and creating more time to spend on support.”
User feedback
Audit-ready and future-proof

Connect will assist Disability Support Services with compliance with the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) and its audits.

By centralising all support data, creating records and trails, and producing customised reports, Connect automates many tasks and saves time and inconvenience.

Future-proofing is built into Connect. It is always up-to-date with the latest regulations, and with new features developed by our team.

Connect support page
“See at a glance what support the student is receiving and how many hours of support they have received to date.”
User feedback

Upgrade your NMH system in a matter of hours, for all staff, students, and support workers. Future updates included.

£500 + vat per year.

No hidden costs.


A quick overview of our software solution, specifically tailored for NMH student support, is provided below:

What is Connect?

Connect is the complete, specialist NMH software solution for in-house NMH services. Developped and maintained by Clear Links’ own developers, in Sheffield, UK.

It covers all tasks required to provide NMH support from matching to time-sheets and invoicing. Connect is fully compliant with DSA QAF, so it makes compliance and audits easier.

Connect streamlines administrative processes of running a disability support service; saving time, costs and increasing efficiency.

What are Connect’s features?
  • Intelligent matching identifies suitable support workers for each student, for both timetabled sessions and flexible 1:1 support.
  • Online timesheets allow support workers to claim their sessions and students to confirm the bookings.
  • Live management data available to HEP staff 24/7 with the ability to monitor each student’s projected and live spend.
  • Accessible from any devices including desktop, smartphones and tablets.
  • Exporting of reports payroll and invoicing data.
  • Connect is approved by Student Finance England (SFE) for online verification of timesheets.
  • Store documents such as workers qualifications and students’ funding evidence, under students’ and support workers’ files.

What are the benefits of Connect?
  • Time saving: Centralise data on our specialist NMH solution to reduce time spent on matching and management of support – freeing your staff to spend time on other work.
  • Low, fixed yearly price, regardless of usage. The more students and support hours, the bigger the savings.
  • Up and running in a day: Modern management solution with intuitive navigation. We can train your staff to use Connect effectively in half a day, and customise presets and templates for you.
  • Student confidence in support: They can see their support diary online so know exactly what is happening with their support at all times.
  • Students and support workers efficiency: They can view their diary, submit and approve timesheets online in a matter of seconds.
  • Budget and spend control: The software works within funding parameters set by you – resulting in no overspends or support outside assigned hours.
  • Audit-ready: Connect logs and records all NMH support data, e.g. Reasons for cancelled support are recorded.
  • Built-in compliance with the DSA-QAF (Quality Assurance Framework) requirements.
  • No need for user manual or complicated training: Our Connect specialists will give you a dedicated training session and remain at your disposal for support by phone and email.

Will connect save me time?


Connect makes putting support in place and managing it easier and quicker for all.

Disability services will benefit from reducing manual tasks, bulk reminders sending, and generally the speeding up of most tasks required to set up and manage NMH support.

Students receive an email to set their login details, and then can use Connect to arrange and manage their support, as well as confirm timesheets.

Support workers can view their assignements and submit their timesheets.

Actions such as manual matching, or checking and approving timesheets which took minutes if not hours, are now completed within seconds.

How can I update Connect without disruption to the service?

Connect is accessed via your web browser. This means that you do not need any additional equipment or software installation.

As a specialist NMH provider, we keep up to date with the latest changes and regulations, and update our operations and Connect accordingly. We test and release updates in the background, with no disruption to how you use the software.

We guarrantee up time, which means that Connect is accessible 24/7 and from any device.

Where can I see support workers diaries and availability?

You have total control on your Non-Medical Help support.

Workers’ details, diary and availability, sessions, assignments, etc. can be viewed by clicking on a specific worker from the workers list on your dashboard.

Connect’s matching facility will show workers with availabilities for the assignments dates (as well as matching academic subjects if required).

Can I export reports and NMH support data?


All data is exportable, for example for invoicing and reporting purposes.

Is training and on-boarding included?


Training and on-boarding is included in the price. Because Connect is so user-friendly and intuitive to NMH and disability support advisers, it only takes a couple of training and set -up sessions to get you up and running.

On-going support is also included, so we will always be keen to help you with any technical queries.

What if I need support within Connect?

Support is included in the yearly price.

Our team of developers is based in the office and are here to help by phone and email Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

How much does Connect cost?

£500 + vat per year and no hidden costs!

Unlimited usage, regardless of the number of hours invoiced, system users, or students.

With Connect’s low and fixed pricing, you can be in control of the costs, and allocate funds to student support instead.

There is also an added peace of mind, with future development and updates included in the yearly cost. Whether you use your own system, or an outsourced solution, Connect can bring certainty and resource savings to your student support service.