Assistive Technology Training

Specialist trainers delivering support to students

We provide personalised one-to-one Assistive Technology training nationwide, to help promote independent learning for students.

Our AT Trainers:

>>> Deliver accessible and informative one-to-one training on specified assistive technology.

>>> Utilise knowledge of different learning styles and preferences to deliver individually tailored training sessions.

>>> Deliver training that is specific to the student’s learning requirements and which enhances the student’s ability to develop their study skills.

>>> Ensure that our training is relevant to the context of the student’s academic studies, with the software features modelled on specific examples.

>>> Encourage the student to use the recommended assistive technology to enhance their independent learning skills.

Illustration of study space set up.

We provide Assistive Technology training for most AT software packages (see some examples below). Our Assistive Technology Trainers can also support students with making the most of free software, apps and features included in operating systems (OS).


ClaroRead assistive software and apps work across a range of platforms (Windows, Mac, Chromebook and mobile) providing support to students in the development of their reading, proof reading, editing and writing skills.

ClaroRead reads text aloud from a range of documents including Word, email and webpages in English and 24 other languages.

ClaroRead uses visual tools such as colour and highlighting so that the user can track what is being read aloud. It also has other features including a spell check and a speaking dictionary.

Student and trainer looking at a textbook and laptop


MindView is mind mapping software that assists the user to create a visual record of ideas and concepts, turn free-association sessions into action plans, create work breakdown structures, Gantt charts and timelines.

The mind map can be converted to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project. Alternatively, information from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project can be converted into a mind map.

Read and Write

Read and Write software provides a toolbar that interacts with other programs to support reading and develop writing skills.

From the toolbar the user can select from a range of features including text to speech, dictionary, vocabulary list, check it, and can be used to encourage development of independent proof reading skills.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

‘Dragon’ is a speech recognition software.

It transforms ideas into text. The user speaks through a microphone and Dragon translates the spoken words to text on screen. This can then be edited and revised using Dragon’s commands.

Dragon Voice Shortcuts can be used in a wide range of applications such as email and browsers such as Google or Firefox.

Students can be encouraged to use Dragon to assist with creating written work such as assignments. Because the speed of data input can be much quicker than typing the student may be able to work without losing track of their thoughts.


ZoomText is a magnification and screen reading software - ZoomText Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen in all applications and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader additionally reads aloud anything on the computer screen including programme controls (menus, list views etc.), documents, webpages and emails.

Three verbosity levels give complete control over the amount of information spoken using a range of voices in both male and female format. Audio recordings can be made from the text reading and these can be added to a mobile device.

With a range of magnification levels the user can choose to magnify the whole screen or just a selected area. A range of screen/text colours can be chosen. The format of pointers and cursors can be altered according to type and size.

Audio Notetaker

This software package assists the user to create and organise audio voice files along with other information in a single workspace.

It is a visual and interactive method of organisation, allowing the user to edit voice files (deleting lengthy, unwanted information), add further audio notes as well as written notes, PowerPoints and slides, drawings, and photos at specific points in the auditory notes.

It allows the user to colour code the auditory information on-screen and to search for keywords from within the text, even from PowerPoint slides and PDF documents.

If you are a student and have been approved for Assistive Technology training to be delivered by Clear Links, please complete our support request form.

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