Degree apprenticeships from universities and colleges

Eligibility, funding and how Clear Links provides the best support for your students

“As the leading provider of NMH services we are committed to delivering high quality support to your apprentices, improving your retention rates and increasing their employability.”

Dexter Johnstone, Apprenticeships Lead

For the sixth year running, the students we support have given us the feedback that means the most to us;

99% student satisfaction.

Why choose Clear Links to provide learning support to your apprentices?

Quality and outcomes

As a leading organisation in the sector, we have established robust processes and procedures to ensure the highest standards of support are delivered.

This results in outstanding feedback from students, but also HEPs and support workers.

Reliability through experience

With over a decade experience in supporting disabled people in Higher Education and the workplace, we have built a network of support workers around the UK.


Clear Links can support apprentices to suit their work and university timetables - 7 days a week and outside office hours.

Exceptional value

When we support students at your university, you can access our online support management system.

Its user-friendly dashboard gives you all the support data you need at a glance. All reports are exportable for management and decision making purposes.

There is no complicated set up, no installation needed and no charge. The system is accessed via your browser and comes populated with all supported students’ data.

Easy and fast to set up

Our office based staff are available to answer any query and assist you with setting up the support.

From role descriptions and guidance to recording and reporting, we make using our services easy and clear for students, support workers and HEP staff.

Having delivered support nationwide, we understand how critical it is to put support in place quickly.

We support students at more than 300 HEPs.

We have the experience, systems and expertise to support students of all ages at every steps of their educational journey.

Learning support funding

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) provides funding to support students enrolled on a Degree Apprenticeship.

The website states:

“Learning support will be fixed at a monthly rate of £150 when it has been reported in the ILR for the months in which there is an identified learning need. If your costs exceed £150 per month, but less than £19,000 per annum, you can claim via the earnings adjustment statement (EAS).”

Should you wish to claim for Learning Support for your apprentices but are unsure of the eligibility criteria and/or what evidence would be acceptable to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), you can find some more information here: