Specialist Mentor

The qualified and experienced specialists in delivering support.

We have delivered millions of Non-Medical Help support hours to students in the UK and have put in place robust processes to achieve the highest standards of support.

What is the role?

Specialist Mentors can support you to:

  • manage university life and academic routine
  • develop effective approaches for dealing with study related stress and anxiety
  • explore solutions to issues affecting academic performance
  • develop strategies to get started on assignments including breaking down the assignment question
  • build valuable time management and organisational strategies
  • develop techniques for prioritising workload, setting and achieving assignment/academic goals
  • develop practical study strategies for effective note taking, assignment planning, structuring, reading, research techniques etc
  • establish exam revision and oral presentation strategies to support recall of information and academic performance

A quality assured service

Clear Links Mentors are highly qualified individuals who care passionately about their role.

They plan and review the student’s progress throughout the year.

Our team will check in with each student and mentor regularly to ensure everyone is happy.

"They are amazing and have made such a positive difference to my life.
I wouldn't have gotten through the first 2 years of university without their support."

Student Feedback

We work closely with Needs Assessors to ensure clarity about what support we can provide and where. A member of our team is always at hand to deal with your query immediately.

How it works

We ensure that the support is put in place quickly. Our bespoke systems minimise errors and time spent on requesting support information.

Support is usually delivered in one-hour sessions once each week. However, some students access more or less than this.

Students can choose how the support is delivered. Most students choose to access their support online as this fits in better with their busy lives.

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